The One Minute Manager - Book Summary | Analysis | Review

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The One Minute Manager Summary: It is a classic management and leadership book by Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson that even after 30 years still has valuable practices to help you become a better manager and leader.
The One Minute Manager - Book Summary | Analysis | Review

The One Minute Manager Review
: It is a fable that teaches three techniques for effective management.

1. One minute goals

2. One minute praisings

3. One minute reprimands

As a manager, learn and use these techniques to create more time to think and to plan more time for work-life balance and give the same to the people you manage, showing them you care about them as people.

The story begins with a young man who is looking for an efficient manager because he wants to work for one and become one himself.

On his search, this young man meets someone who calls himself the one minute manager. He calls himself that because he has managed and coached the people in his company to get significant results in very little time.

The one-minute manager then invites the young man to talk to three of the employees he manages so that the young man can learn the three secrets of a one minute manager.

He first meets Mr. Trenell who introduces one-minute goal setting. In the course of their conversation, the young man learns that one-minute goal-setting works best when you agree on your goals.

1. See what good behavior looks like

2. Write out each of your goals on a single sheet of paper using less than 250 words

3. Read and Re-Read each goal which requires only a minute or so each time you do it

4. Take a minute every once in a while out of your day to look at your performance and see whether or not your behavior matches your goal

Next, the young man meets Mr. Levy who introduces One Minute Praising. There he learned that one-minute praising works best when you tell people up front that you are going to let them know how they are doing.

Praise people immediately, tell people what they did right, be specific, tell people how good you feel about what they did right and how it helps the organization and the other individuals who work there.

Stop for a moment of silence to let them feel, how good you feel. Encourage people to do more of the same and shake hands or touch people in a way that makes it clear that you support their success in the organization.

The young man learns the last secret of the one minute manager when he meets Ms. Brown, who introduces him to the one-minute reprimand.

From her, he learned that the one-minute reprimand works best when you tell people beforehand that you were going to let them know how they are doing and in no uncertain terms.

Reprimand people immediately tell people what they did wrong.

Be specific- Tell people how you feel about what they did wrong and in no uncertain terms.

Stop for few seconds of uncomfortable silence to let them feel how you feel.

In the second half of the reprimand, shake hands or touch them in a way that lets them know you are honestly on their side. Remind them how much you value them. Re-affirm that you think well of them but not of their performance in this situation.

Realize that when the reprimand is over, it’s over.


These are the three big ideas and secrets in "the one minute manager review". The one-minute manager is a quick and enjoyable read packed with knowledge.

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